cold showers

I’m pretty hooked on hot showers.  I got in the shower after working out this evening, and the water hadn’t quite gotten warm yet.  I didn’t like it.

I’ve done cold showers before, like in a hostel in Central America, and of course it’s worse when you’re not expecting it, as I was not tonight.  But it did get me thinking.  The ability to take a hot shower would be pretty great.  I just don’t know if it’s financially feasible.

The two options, as far as I can tell, are an on demand propane water heater, or a small electric hot water tank (small meaning 2-4 gallons).  The first requires a propane set up, the second requires more solar.  Neither option is great.

Even if I did swing hot showers, they wouldn’t be the long, indulgent, philosophical affairs that they are now.  It’s entirely possible that my long hot showers are the most environmentally irresponsible thing about my current life.

The only way to not be making a life-style change in this regard would be to do it the way these folks do it, with a filter and a recirculating loop.  But I’m inclined to say that such a build is out of my league for now.

So I don’t know.  Still looking like cold showers, if I want to be able to shower in the van.

Didn’t spend any money today.

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