Didn’t spend a dollar today, outside of normal bills (rent, phone, etc).

Teaching full time is emotionally exhausting. Way back when I was an undergrad, I met an artist at an airport, and we talked for a while. I was talking about how I wanted to write and do research, but basically wanted to do it like a starving artist gig, where I work a part time job to pay bills while doing my real work. Her advice was to get a job that doesn’t exhaust you physically, mentally, or emotionally, so you still have something left to give when you get home. This is not that. Teaching full time is brutal.

If I can buy some land and move onto it, if I can do it in such a way that I’ll be able to survive the Winter (and not exacerbate my mental health issues to a danger level), then I could cut back to being a part-time adjunct. And still work on transitioning off of even that level of paid employment.

I was tired this morning from exercise and work, and was languorously stretching as I walked to campus. It was a lovely, clear, cold autumn morning, and it occurred to me how much I’d rather be building a farm than going to uni to teach.

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